Kanan atau Kiri berotak berotak ?

Katanya, orang kidal lebih kreative banding orang kandal (candle ?) Pengin tauh ? Ikut test kilat ini ; Sommer and Sommer Brain Test

Alat Musik yang Aneh tapi Keren !

Ini adalah Snubby J. Dia sekolah di United States , perlajar ‘theater major’ (macam drama) Dia membuat alat music dari pipa PVC , ‘The Rimba Tubes’ Hey ! Does he know that Rimba – is an Indonesian word for ‘Jungle’ ?’ Snubby J dapat inspirasi dari group ‘The Blue Man Group’ ‘My dream is to […]

Five Albums That Influenced me the most.

The grannies are mon soon. Who will i am winter ? Justin , Nicky , One D , fine. These guys are great and in ten years time you will look back and probably remember where you were and who you were with when you first liked their songs. Me , ye old Admin Dude […]

Lagu Lagu Yang Paling Top di 2012.

Pop. Lock. Dub-Step. Rap or Bieber. Ini berberapa lagu yang ngak mungkin lupa ! 1. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem. Setiap party pasti putar. Lebih dari 500,000,000 hits on YouTube … Rambutan ! 2. Jessy J – Price Tag. ‘It’s not about the money’ – there’s a message in there for you… 245,000,000 YouTube Hits […]

Video paling keren di 2012

Posted by admin On December - 30 - 2012

Nonton TV cukup membosankan ya ? Iklan2 melulu ! Mendingan nonton video kecil di Laptop.

Ini adalah video favorit ku di tahun 2012

I’m a stuntman – Eos Karlsson from Eos Karlsson on Vimeo.


And also this ;

2012 : A Good Year for Extreme Sports (People Are Awesome) from Family Creative on Vimeo.

Not to mention this one ;

And …. also this…Modern Day robin hood



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